Transnational Cooperation Mechanism

between schools in Romania, France, Spain and other educational institutions and organisations

The first aim of the project is to facilitate information, communication and cooperation between schools and other institutions and organisation from Romania and other EU member states (especially France and Spain) related to Roma children migration. These three functions of the mechanism are practically implemented through the free online platform ChildHub. The Transnational mechanism of cooperation will make the object of a Manual for Transnational cooperation mechanism and of the Guide for the provision of non-disruptive and non-discriminatory education.

A piloting stage of the cooperation mechanism is set by linking minimum 20 schools from Romania, 10 schools from France and 10 schools from Spain that work with Roma children in international migration.

Exchange events are organised with Roma families for their information about the network of cooperation between schools and for gathering their feedback related to the efficiency of the mechanism of cooperation.

Dissemination events are organised with specialists at national level in each country and an Information Package is disseminated at large scale to NGOs, institutions and other relevant organisations including schools, in order to promote the Transnational mechanism of cooperation and its main vehicle, ChildHub online platform.process



The main instrument for implementing the Transnational Cooperation Mechanism is the online platform provided by Terre des hommes Europe Foundation, ChildHub ( covering the three functions:

  1. the general Access to project and other institutional public resources,
  2. the possibility to Contact specific educational specialists in the network and to access schools' profiles,
  3. the possibility to Join a Community of practice through the Members Forum and to find personal profiles related to individual Roma pupils.

The general Access to public resources is open to everyone visiting the ChildHub website. The visits are counted for project monitoring purposes.

There are stored resources and information about:

  • project description (objectives, results, target groups, activities etc.),
  • project news (press articles, announcements and calls for applications),
  • public events: promotion events, training and webinars, exchange and dissemination events, promotion and advocacy campaigns etc.,
  • reports & publications: country reports and recommendations, transnational cooperation mechanism, guides and brochures etc.

The Contact of specific educational specialists in the network is possible through a website section that provides profiles and contact details of international educational specialists and schools with Roma children. In order to stimulate users to contribute to this network, the section requires individual registration and the availability to share relevant resources.

The Join function of the website offers the possibility of registered members that represent institutions/organisations or schools to access/share personal information about individual pupils that left one school and registered to another. This function allows access to personal, educational, social and psychological profile of one particular pupil. Joining this Community of practice requires uploading official institutions/ organisation documents, protocol of collaboration, delegation, parents' approval form. The section includes a Forum for resources sharing between members.