Terms and conditions for validated members

By asking and receiving the Validation, a User becomes a validated Member who is recognized as representing one specific school/organisation/institution, usually linked to education/migration/vulnerable persons/Roma ethnicity. The validation process requires documents uploading and further verification by the website Administrator. After Validation, each Member declares that he/she understands and will follow the bellow recommendations and will respect the bellow conditions:


  • All recommendations and conditions stipulated for Users during the registration phase are to be respected in this section too: see sections “use recommendations and conditions”, “contacting other users”; “uploading materials”, “responsibility in use”.
  • Once Validated, the User recognizes him/herself as Member of a Community of practice, sharing informational, methodological, organisational, institutional resources regarding education/ migration/ vulnerable persons/ Roma ethnicity.
  • Once Validated, the Member is recognised by his/her school/organisation/institution as its Delegated representative in the communication and the cooperation with other Validated Members.
  • Once Validated, the Member will approach and will be approached by other Members in his/her quality as Delegated representative of one particular school/organisation/institution in the communication and the cooperation with other Validated Members.
  • In order to be recognised as Validated Member, the User has to download specific forms (Collaboration Protocol, Schools’ Delegation), fill them, authenticate them by the school/organisation/institution and upload them on the website for future verification to be done by the webpage Administrator.
  • The validation process is undergone by the website Administrator and the project Promoters by requiring further information and documents if needed, from the User or from his/her school/organisation/institution.
  • The validation of a Member means that the website Administrator and the project Promoters have done extensive verification on that User, on the represented school/organisation/institution, and that the website Administrator and the project Promoters acknowledge that the Validated Member is entitled to engage in communication and cooperation from the behalf of that specific school/organisation/institution that he/she represents.
  • The Validated Member will use his status as Validated only to engage in communication and cooperation with other Validated Members in order to share specific and even personal information regarding one particular school/organisation/institution, or individual persons (teachers, pupils).
  • Specific communication may start at the demand of one Validated Member addressed to another Validated Member, in search for information useful in facilitating school (re)integration of Roma pupils on the move.
  • The Validated status allows one Member to ask and the other Member to provide specific information about a specific school/organisation/institution and to communicate information and documents about a specific person (teacher or Roma / pupil) if needed in the process of school (re)integration.
  • The exchange of personal information and documents will be done only after one of the two Validated Members engaged in communication and cooperation obtain an original document including the Parents’ Agreement regarding that exchange of information.
  • In the absence of an original Parents’ Agreement, no personal information or documents exchange regarding one specific pupil is allowed based on the resources offered by this website.
  • In order to communicate or exchange information and documents as Validated Members, the Delegated Persons will use their own personal / school / organisational / institutional means of communication (phone, fax, e-mail, courier etc.).
  • The project’s website (www.misto-avilean.eu) offers only the data base with contact details of Users as specialists active or interested in the topics of education/migration/vulnerable persons/Roma ethnicity. It also offers the preliminary verification and validation of the status of one specific person as being Validated Member, if delegated by his/her school/organisation/institution to represent it in relation with similar schools/ organisations/ institutions in other countries. The goal is to facilitate communication and cooperation for an easier and better (re)integration of Roma / pupils that migrate between schools / countries.
  • The website Administrator and the project Promoters do not take any responsibility over the means and contents of communication between schools/organisations/institutions in individual cases, directly or through their Delegated Validated Members.
  • Each Validated Member has to respect the National and International norms and procedures regarding General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The Parent’ Agreement is, in this context, the main document allowing the exchange of personal information and documents related to a specific child.