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Terre des hommes Foundation Romania

At the beginning of the school year (July-September 2020) over 1,300 children, teachers, parents and other Roma and other guests sent welcoming messages to their colleagues from Romania, France and Spain through school events organized by 17 schools in 12 counties of Romania.


Secondary School of Homocea (Homocea, Vrancea, Romania), Coordinating teacher SAMOILĂ Corina-Mirabela - “Come near me! Together we are stronger!” (series of artistic moments: costume parade, exhibition, traditional games, traditional dances and songs)

Nicolae Romanescu Secondary School (Craiova, Dolj, Romania), Coordinating teacher CERCELARU Margareta - “Bringing the school closer to us through song, dance and poetry!” (artistic event)

Secondary School of Tâmboiești (Tâmboiești, Vrancea, Romania), Coordinating teacher GAVRILESCU Ana - “Each child is a winner!” (traditional dances and exhibitions of drawings and collages)

Secondary School of Bonțida (Bonțida, Cluj, Romania), Coordinating teacher BUDA Elena-Lavinia - “Each of us has a story and we can become heroes in our own story!” (online event centred around a story)

Constantin Filipescu Technological High School (Caracal, Olt, Romania), Coordinating teacher ENE Crenguța - “I can be your friend also!” (exhibition of objects, drawings and traditions)

Private Christian School from the Roma District of Tinca (Tinca, Bihor, Romania), Coordinating teacher TÜTÖS Daniela Emilia - “Different, but united through games!” (sports games, through which children enthusiastically tested their physical training)

Alexandru Ceușianu Secondary School (Reghin, Mureș, Romania), Coordinating teacher ATĂNĂSOAIE Elena-Gabriela - Launch of the brochure “Loneliness at home” (essays of children whose parents have gone to work abroad)

Technological High School Vasile Sav (Roman, Neamț, Romania), Coordinating teacher GHERMAN Elena Cornelia - “School is where we learn, play and grow together!” (historical presentations and exhibition of drawings)

Secondary School of Cerăt (Cerăt, Dolj, Romania), Coordinating teacher TUȚĂ Livia - “School is MIȘTO everywhere!” (Roma songs, dances and traditions)

Secondary School of Socond (Socond, Satu Mare, Romania), Coordinating teacher ȘIPOȘ Mariana-Daniela - “Welcome to school!” (event with film screenings about Roma personalities, traditions and customs)

Secondary School of Porumbești (Porumbești, Satu Mare, Romania), Coordinating teacher MOLNAR Kinga Irén - “Mișto Avilean!” (Welcome!) (play in which the children imagine what they will do in 10 years)

Vocational School of Valea Stanciului (Valea Stanciului, Dolj, Romania), Coordinating teacher NEDA Anca-Irina - “Discovering the beauty of a minority language.” (dances, skits, messages and an online event on the occasion of European Languages Day)

Mihai Viteazul Secondary School (Boldești-Scăeni, Prahova, Romania), Coordinating teacher VIȘAN Grațiela - “We are all equal!” (exhibition of photographs and drawings “Flowers, girls and boys”)

Petri Mor Technological High School (Nușfalău, Sălaj, Romania), Coordinating teacher POP Enikő - “Every child is important! Every child's place is with everyone else, at school!” (exhibition of drawings made by Romani, Romanian, Hungarian and Slovak students)

Secondary School of Nr. 1 (Polovragi, Gorj, Romania), Coordinating teacher CERDAC Simona-Valentina - “Our school is open to all children!” (exhibition of children's works)

Avram Iancu Secondary School (Halmășd, Sălaj, Romania), Coordinating teacher MATEI Iuliana-Loredana - “Believe in your dream!” (personal development activities, volunteering activities, an exhibition of drawings and the creative arrangement of the space in the school yard)


This material reflects an event campaign organized by 17 schools from 12 counties of Romania between July and September 2020.

Terre des hommes Foundation Romania supported these events at logistical level.

The support provided to the schools was accomplished based on a selection of school event projects.

These events were made possible thanks to the voluntary involvement of teachers, parents and children of all ethnicities.

We thank everyone, as well as the local institutions and organizations.

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The schools participating in this campaign committed to complying with the Covid 19 prevention rules.

The Terre des hommes Foundation is not responsible for how the material is used by third parties.